How Do I Know It’s Time For My Parents To Go To An Elderly Home

As painful as it is, a child might need to bring their parents to an elderly home at a certain age. Parents that have stopped being social and had changed relationship patterns, have ceased plenty of important activities that were once cherished, or had left their homes or themselves unclean, may need to be moved to an elderly home.

Who Do I Trust With Proper Healthcare?

You may use our blog to know about the right healthcare facilities adequate for your parents. However, you could always use a professional Geriatric Care Manager’s assistance to help you find the right home for them. These individuals are experienced guides and resource for families with chronic needs. With trust, the GCM could help you find the perfect home that will address your parents’ physical, emotional and social needs.

How Can I Keep Tabs On The Quality Of Care My Parents Get?

You could always get the best information from referrals or a licensed GCM, but you could always use the following questions to ask your parents’ healthcare provider.

The questions include the following:

  1. Is the agency locally owned or is it nationally owned? How long have they been established in the community?
  2. Is the quality of care certified by agencies such as the Joint Commission for Accreditation or Healthcare Organizations?
  3. If required, does the agency have a current license to practice?
  4. Is the agency an approved Medicare provider?
  5. Does the agency provide a list of charges for services and a brochure outlining their service promises?
  6. What is the hiring criteria for caregivers? Are references checked?  What training to the caregivers receive?  How is employee screening handled?
  7. Do the caregivers speak the same language as my loved one?
  8. How closely are caregivers supervised? What are the quality of care standards that are established?  How is patient confidentiality handled?
  9. What is the protocol for handling complaints and problems? Who is called and what are the standards for resolving problems?  What is the time frame?  How is the family member notified of the problem and by whom?
  10. Is there available agency staff around the clock, seven days a week, 24 hours a day? When is the Nursing Supervisor called?